superchic is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

   SuperChic 2 - A Monte Carlo for Central Exclusive Production


The code is available as a compressed tar file. To extract it, simply execute tar -xzvf superchicvX.tar.gz and the superchicvX directory will be created. A user manual, where installation instructions and runtime information is given, is available here.

  • superchicv2.06.tar.gz (Released 17/07/17).
    • – Version 2.01: minor bug fixes.
    • – Version 2.02: Photon-initiated H → bb added, bug fixed in W →lν spin correlations, better efficiency in unweighted event generation, other minor bug fixes.
    • – Version 2.03: Updated LHE format, various 4 and 6-body χc decays added, finite widths included for χc decays, cc jet production added, other minor bug fixes.
    • – Version 2.04: Bug fixes in jet algorithm and QCD-induced Jz = 2 amplitude calculation, and other minor bug fixes. Improved double-dipole form for proton electric and magnetic form factors included.
    • – Version 2.05: Small fix to LHE output and random number generator.
    • – Version 2.06: Muon mass corrected.

The most recent version 1.47 of the earlier incarnation of the code can be found here, but in all cases it is strongly recommended to use version 2.